Billy Reep is "Caring Until The Cure...and Beyond"

Licensed Nurse & Paramedical Permanent Cosmetic Specialist

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If you are considering having a paramedical permanent cosmetic procedure, it is imperative that you find the best professional for you. Make sure they are professionally trained practitioners with advanced certifications in this specific field; as you are trusting them to provide you with the highest quality of professionalism, knowledge and experience. Paramedical permanent cosmetic procedures are performed on highly sensitive and delicate areas of your body.  Billy Reep has the professional advanced certifications, knowledge and 22 years of combined experience, she also has compassion and a commitment to help You.  More times than not our physical appearance affects how we feel about ourselves.  If we are comfortable within our own skin and attain self-confidence it shines throughout in all that we do.  As a Licensed Nurse, Billy took an oath to protect and advocate for her patients and it is a critical part of how she performs paramedical permanent cosmetic procedures.  She considers it her duty to help you throughout every step of the process.  To make sure you have all of the information available regarding your procedure(s) to make the best informed decisions that are best for You.  Billy is licensed and certified in the following:

Licensed Certified Intradermal Permanent Cosmetics Specialist
Licensed Certified Advanced Intradermal Permanent Cosmetics Specialist
Licensed Certified Advanced 3D Aereola & Nipple Restoration Specialist
Licensed Certified Advanced Paramedical Permanent Cosmetics Specialist 
Health Department Licensed
Health Department Compliant
State Compliant
State Board Licensed Nurse
Certified Blood Borne Pathogens Training and Certification

3D Areola & Nipple Restoration

For women and men that have had to undergo a single or double mastectomy.  The mastered technique of 3D Areola & Nipple Restoration offers a unique appearance of having your natural lifelike complete breast anatomy.  No longer having your areola and nipple can leave you feeling incomplete and often embarrassed of your physical appearance.   Click  here for before and after photos.

Areola Pigmentation

Often times after having breast surgery the color and shape of your areola can be affected.  There are many other causes that can leave your areola discolored or appearing lighter over time such as breastfeeding, areola graft surgery, Vitiligo, etc.  This is also an amazingly positive procedure for those that have not had breast surgery but are not happy with their natural areola color, size or both.  Click here for before and after photos.

Paramedical Micropigmentation & Scar Camouflaging
You are a part of each step in the planning of your procedure; it is your body and it is imperative that you are included throughout the decision making process to provide you with the greatest end results.  Implanting pigment into the dermal layer of the skin allows for surrounding color match for those that have scars or loss of pigmentation.  It is also beneficial for those that desire a more natural and symmetrical appearance after multiple types of surgeries, such as a cleft lip for example.   Click here for before and after photos.

Permanent Cosmetic Procedures
Permanent Cosmetic Procedures have been growing in the cosmetics and beauty industry for over 25 years.  All of the procedures listed below can help make your life less hectic.  Permanent Cosmetics is a form of tattooing by implanting uniquely blended pigments into the dermis layer of the skin through microscopic injections with an extremely fine needle or a cluster of fine needles.  When performed by professionally trained and certified professionals, Permanent Cosmetics can enhance your appearance and lifestyle.  The result is the same every morning, evening and night.  You don't have to duplicate a great makeup day; it is perfect every day.  Imagine being able to get ready in half of the time because you don't have to spend as much time in front of the mirror getting ready.  Don't avoid the things you love like taking an afternoon swim or trip to the gym because you are worried that your makeup will smudge.  Save time and money and enjoy beautiful hassle-free makeup every day; wake up ready to conquer the world and have a little more time to do so. Click here for examples.